Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

6 Ways To Use A Paddleboard

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalms 19:1

Imagine it is a beautiful, sunny day; the wind is calm and the water is as smooth as glass. There is no better activity than paddleboarding on a day like this. We, at Riverside Resort, have 2 paddleboards for our guests to enjoy. Paddleboarding is a fairly new concept for many people, but the neat thing about this activity is there are multiple ways to use it depending on the person, mood, or situation.

1). Paddle standing up

This is the traditional way to use a paddleboard. The biggest fear for most people about paddleboarding is the balance they think it requires. Believe it or not, the most difficult part of paddleboarding is when you initially get on the board and then again when you dismount at the end. The actual time you spend on the paddleboard is very peaceful and surprisingly stable.


2). Paddle while on your knees

This is an alternative to standing up that lowers your center of gravity so balancing is easier. Another advantage to paddling on your knees is that it works different parts of your arms, back, and core because your positioning on the board is different.


3). Relax

This is one of my favorite ways to use a paddleboard. Find a quiet little cove or a nice peaceful place in a “no wake zone” and just relax. You can use your life jacket as a pillow while you spend time sleeping, praying, reading a book, or just getting away from all the demands of life. What better way to enjoy God’s magnificent creation!


4). Yoga

Did you know you can do yoga on a paddle board? It is so awesome! This does require a bit more balance especially if you are going to try some of those crazy poses where you stand on just one leg. Even though this may sound intimidating, there are many different levels and variations of paddbleboard yoga so don’t let it scare you.  Here is a great video to get you started.


5). Strength Training

In addition to Yoga, you can also try your own strength training routine on the water or discover a new one! Adding the element of balance to any of your workout routines is going to strengthen your core and continue to work your muscles in new and different ways. Check out this youtube video.


6). Hang out on the beach and look “cool”

Still think paddleboarding isn’t for you? Here is a way to be involved without ever getting on the water. You can simply hang out with a paddleboard on the beach. Maybe just sit on it and people will think you are taking a break from a long voyage. Or perhaps fiddle with the different accessories on your paddleboard, maybe people will think that you are just returning or getting ready to depart. It’s all about perception! 🙂


However you choose to utilize a paddleboard, I encourage you all to try this unique and exciting aquatic recreation activity.